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Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
will they be counting on michelle obama but also counting on a long list of speakers. we have heard an enthusiastic crowd only as they gave a full throated defense of the president's health care act known as obama care by republicans. and they have given example after example of his leadership ability, something else that republicans criticized last week in tampa. but the headliner, a first lady, she will reintroduce her husband to american voters. the democratic national convention is officially underway. michelle obama headlines the first night of big speeches. >> i think that she is dynamic, and i'm just excited. >> she is proud to display her admiration. >> i am wearing my tribute to michelle obama. >> she expects the first lady to appeal to women voters. >> as a representative of women, she has been outstanding. >> at a rally in virginia the president said that he will watch his wife's speech on television with their daughters. >> whenever i say today, it is going to be, at best, a distant second to the speech that you will hear tonight from the start of the obama family, miche
Sep 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
biden and michelle obama have been helping to build enthusiasm, and will introduce their husbands tonight. >> and president obama also expected to address the republican charge that america is not better off than it was four years ago. reporting live in charlotte, back to you. >> the decision to move out of the stadium and into the arena, i know that was weather related but a lot people were coming from a long way away and they are upset, do they get any kind of compensation or consolation? >> as far as i know, there is no monetary compensation, the only thing that happened today was a conference call made by the president do some of the people that were going to attend his stadium events. he thanked the man apologized and said that it had to do with the risk to their safety, if there should be a lightning strike. he promised them that at some future campaign events, he hopes that it will have a front row seat to. >> as far as the weather, as it played out? is it pretty bad? have you been able to get outside? >> i have not been outside since 9:00 a.m., >> thank you randall pinksto
Sep 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in charlotte thursday but first lady michelle obama is already here, she took a tour of the stage where she will give her speech on day one of the democratic national convention. and on the eve of the democrat'' opening in charlotte, a new poll shows that mitt romney is a had a president obama in north carolina. reporting live in charlotte, back to you. >> yesterday democrats gave tentative answers when asked if we are better off than we were four years ago and today it was a definitive " yes ". what for for the offering? >> they're really telling people to think about what happened four years ago, for example, the president himself addressed one part of that, the automobile industry on the verge of collapse. he says that his bailout has saved at least a million jobs and also pointed to the financial industry which is on the verge of collapse. they tell people to remember what it was like four years ago and ask you if it is better. their answer is " absolutely ". not where they wanted to be but certainly better than where it was. >> we will have live reports from the democratic co
Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
that his policies are very similar to president obama. >> first lady michelle obama also working to motivate the base, speaking with key groups at the convention, including the african-american and hispanic caucuses. >> hillary clinton told reporters that no one could do a better job in fixing the nation's economy than president obama, there is a rumor that president obama may make a surprise appearance. back to you. >> i know it is loud, if you can hear me, and just thinking, if former president clinton will be talking about the economy and want to be hard for delegates not to reminisce about the great prosperous years when bill clinton was in office? >> he was certainly going to talk to them but he there are similarities between his policies and the presidents, and that he is headed in the right direction, and needs another four years to get the job done, we're told that will be president clinton's message. >> think to some much. cbs news will have special live coverage of the democratic national convention coming up in about 25 minutes, at 7:00, scott pelly anchors from charlotte
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4